To provide Help, Support and Guidance to parents and families who have lost a baby or child.
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 Hello From A Nana!

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PostSubject: Hello From A Nana!   Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:29 pm

my name is Morwenna and I am a bereaved Nana.
My first Grandchild was born at the end of September 2010 but sadly, due to the complications following shoulder dystocia during his birth, he died four days later.
My heart aches when I think of how differently Christmas might have been for us this year Sad
I lost a baby myself 17 years ago this month and although the pain lessens with time, it never goes entirely.
I know my family isn't the only one grieving, so I hope we can offer one another support and comfort on this forum.
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Hello From A Nana!
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